Essential Tennis Programs


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Group Coaching

Group coaching is designed for students aged 10 plus. These are conducted on a full size court with no modifiications. This program covers all aspects of tennis including footwork, technique, basic strategy and match play.The program steps up in intensity as students are taught our holistic approach to coaching including different forms of teaching, coach feed drills, play based drills, use of ipad and 'Tennis Australia Technique App' to analyse stroke development, matchplay sessions etc. Our teaching aids include: Fast Feet Ladders, drop down lines, cones and targets.


These are performed weekdays afterschool

classes are organised with 5 students to one coach

$14.50 per 45 minute lesson

Squad Coaching

Squad coaching is for students who have had some years of lessons and want to attend a more advanced level of coaching. This program is aimed to incorporate more complex drills with an emphasis on improving fitness to work on advancing students level of tennis skills. This form of coaching needs an invitation from our coaches.


Classes are organised with 5 students to one coach

$16.50 per 60 minute lesson

Private House

If you have your own court we will come to you. We conduct classes six days a week therefore we can organise a coach to attend your place at whatever time you wish. As a family or with friends or organise your own group.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available for all ages and are predominantly technique based lessons and are the most intense way to learn. This form of coaching gives you maximum attention to work on your game. 

They are ideal for:

Players who need time to work on specific individual weaknesses,

Players who lack confidence or are self conscious,

Advanced players who need individual work,

Beginner players who want to fast track their improvement.


These can be organised in a private or semi private class. 

Off Peak: 700am - 300pm, 730pm - 900pm Monday - Friday

Price- $25 for 30 minutes

Peak: 345pm - 730pm Monday - Friday

Price- $30 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

Adult coaching

Team Coaching-

Is your team under-performing? Does your team need some coaching to fine tune strategy or team work? Many players choose to participate in coaching as a team and therefore set up their own group. If you team needs work in doubles or anything else needs a bit of work then this could be for you


Adult / Coach Matchplay-

Adult and Coach match play sessions are designed to coach players specifically about match play and the finer strategies of doubles. For example do you know what, how and when to apply the following strategies: crossing and faking, tandem, eye formation, serve and volley, chip and charge, both back on the return etc.


Private Lessons-

See above in private lessons, great for adults looking at getting that edge on their opponents.


Organise your own group-

Many adults prefer to make up their own social group of friends to participate in coaching.


Tennis Technique Tip
The 'continental' grip is the grip ideally used for the serve, the reason for this is to be able hit the three types of serves. The flat serve, slice serve and the most important serve  the kick/top spin serve.  
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